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  • CP86301 US by Chicago Pneumatic | 8941086301
  • CP86301 US by Chicago Pneumatic | 8941086301 available now at AirToolPro.com
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  • CP86301 US by Chicago Pneumatic | 8941086301


CP86301 US - Durable press, convenient & precise

Part number8941086301 
ModelCP86301 US 
Capacity30 ton(s)33.07 short ton(s)
Capacity33.07 short ton(s)30 ton(s)
Dimension A795 mm31.3"
Dimension A31.3"795 mm
Dimension B700 mm27.6"
Dimension B27.6"700 mm
Dimension C1772 mm69.8"
Dimension C69.8"1772 mm
Dimension E535 mm21.1"
Dimension E21.1"535 mm
Dimension F140 mm5 1/2"
Dimension F5 1/2"140 mm
Dimension F1151 mm5.9"
Dimension F15.9"151 mm
Dimension F21031 mm40.6"
Dimension F240.6"1031 mm
Dimension M200 mm7.9"
Dimension M7.9"200 mm
Dimension R160 mm6.3"
Dimension R6.3"160 mm
Net weight368.2 lb167 kg
Net weight167 kg368.2 lb
Oil capacity1.1 ml


  • High stability
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Precision
  • Easy control
  • Stable
  • Comfort
  • Features

  • 2 holes in each foot to fix in the floor
  • Steel frame
  • 2 step stroke system - Closed: Full stroke for quick approach. Open: Small stroke for fine tuning of the load
  • Large gauge measuring short and metric tons
  • Delivered with 2 V blocks
  • Easy to use handle with rubber grip
  • Delivered with a quick chuck and 8 punches
  • Provided with a protection cage
  • This product is marketed only in North America

  • Available now at AirToolPro / Zampini Industrial Group 1-800-353-4676

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    Established in 1901, Chicago Pneumatic Tools offers hundreds of quality air tools designed for a wide range of maintenance and production applications: impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, grinders, sanders and polishers, cutting tools, and a whole lot more. Based on decades of expertise in providing the right tools, compressors or construction equipment for the toughest demands, CP understand the needs of the professionals for maintaining and repairing heavy equipment and machinery on-site or off-site.

    Zampini Industrial Group is proud to be a premier online supplier of Chicago Pneumatic Tools, and our numerous years representing the CP brand has provided us with a wide range of valuable application experiences that we use to help you get the perfect CP tool for your job!

    Zampini Industrial Group is a proud Chicago Pneumatic Distributor

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