CP9361 Air Scribe Engraving Pen by Chicago Pneumatic | T012644 | 13,500 bpm

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CP9361 - Air Scribe

This tool is extremely lightweight and easy to use. An adjustment dial on the top of the Chicago Pneumatic CP9361 permits you to select the appropriate power level for your application. Air consumption is extremely low at 1 cfm, and that means your compressor won't be struggling to keep up. Simply connect a compressed air source to this tool via the 8 foot filtered air hose that is included and you are ready to work. An in-line lubricator is recommended to keep your tool working flawlessly and reduce servicing requirement.

For engraving, simply use the CP9361 air scribe as it is supplied. The ball point carbide stylus will write on numerous surfaces with the ease of a ball point pen. Works great on metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone, and more. This configuration is great for marking tools, parts, and more. The CP9361 will write on materials up to 64 Rc hardness.

To use the CP9361 air scribe as an air chisel, simply swap the ball point carbide stylus with the optional chisel tip. The chisel tip makes this tool an excellent chipper for jobs requiring precision. Fossil preparation and dental mold making are two very popular uses for the CP9361 with it's chisel tip installed. Manufacturer's part number T012644 for the scribe; part number T011970 for the scribe kit.


  • Long lasting due to Premium quality components
  • Easy handling and Comfortable use
  • Adjustable power for a variety of applications and materials such as: metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass
  • Convertible into a light scaler


  • Highest durability in the market
  • Hose 8ft (2.4 m) length with air filter
  • Convertible to a hammer or a light scaler
  • Lightweight for easy operation

Available now at AirToolPro / Zampini Industrial 1-800-353-4676

Part number T012644
Model CP9361
Blows per minute 13500
Bore - -
Bore - -
Stroke - -
Stroke - -
Chisel rivet set shank 1/8" 3 mm
Chisel rivet set shank 3 mm 1/8"
Shank Hexagonal
Net weight 0.31 lb 0.14 kg
Net weight 0.14 kg 0.31 lb
Length 5" 127 mm
Length 127 mm 5"
Average air consumption 0.75 l/mn 0.28 cfm
Average air consumption 0.28 cfm 3/4 l/mn
Actual air consumption 0.1 l/s 0.21 cfm
Actual air consumption 6 l/mn 0.21 cfm
Actual air consumption 0.21 cfm 6 l/mn
Air inlet thread size 0.25 "
Min. hose size 3/16" 5 mm
Min. hose size 5 mm 3/16"
Sound dBa pressure 79 dBa
Sound Power 90 dBa
Vibration (ISO-8662-14) 4.2 m/s²
Vibration α (ISO-28927-9) 5.1 m/s²
Vibration K (ISO-28927-9) 2.4 m/s²


Additional Part Numbers: G3934323, 11C991, 27112718, 1563809818, B003V4AZWU, 90000989, 015451008079, 7026783, 176668, 63805717


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Established in 1901, Chicago Pneumatic Tools offers hundreds of quality air tools designed for a wide range of maintenance and production applications: impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, grinders, sanders and polishers, cutting tools, and a whole lot more. Based on decades of expertise in providing the right tools, compressors or construction equipment for the toughest demands, CP understand the needs of the professionals for maintaining and repairing heavy equipment and machinery on-site or off-site.

Zampini Industrial Group is proud to be a premier online supplier of Chicago Pneumatic Tools, and our numerous years representing the CP brand has provided us with a wide range of valuable application experiences that we use to help you get the perfect CP tool for your job!

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