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Zampini Industrial Group is a premier supplier of Desoutter, Ingersoll Rand, Cleco, and ATP air motors for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Industrial air motors are versatile power sources which can be used to power many kinds of operations requiring rotational drive. Air powered motors have many advantages over electric motors and often become the only feasible method of operation. We have over 30 years experience in supplying air motors of all sizes and types to a wide range of clients. Our selection was hand picked to include only brands with proven reliability and performance at the highest levels of demand.

We offer a wide range of rotating vane type air motors. Most air powered motors can be supplied as single rotation or reversible. Reversible motors have keyed shafts, while single direction motors can be supplied with threaded shafts or alternatives.

Air Motor Advantages

• Compact, with high power to weight ratio.
• The output speed and torque can be simply controlled by regulating either the air pressure or air flow.
• No expensive control equipment is required with industrial air motors.
• If a motor is loaded to a stalled condition and held there for any length of time, no damage is caused to the motor.
• When the load is released, the air motor will reach free running speed usually within one third to one half of a revolution.
• No risk of overheating either when continuously run or frequent stop/starts or reversing. Note that this condition assumes the use of an inline lubrication system.
• Reversing motors require simple control of air pressure into ports in the control top of the motor to determine direction of rotation. To reverse the direction of rotation takes milliseconds to complete.
• Resists moisture, dust, heat.
• ATEX rated models are certified explosion proof and can be used safely in most hazardous situations.

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