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Products Offered

Air and Electric Torque Screwdrivers

Air and Electric Torque Screwdrivers for Production Assembly

  Pneumatic and electric screwdrivers are among the most widely used tools in the manufacturing and production assembly industries. Selecting the correct air screwdriver for your application can increase your productivity and reliability, and provide ergonomic benefits for operators. At Zampini Industrial Group we offer the complete lines of air and electric screwdrivers from Desoutter, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Cleco, Sioux Tools, and Delta Regis. We have carefully selected these brands as they are among the top performing tools in the industry, and because they have proven to be reliable in a wide array of demanding applications.

Air Impact Wrenches - Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade Air Impact Wrenches and Cordless Impact Wrenches

  An impact wrench (often called a torque gun) is an incredibly useful tool that delivers high torque to a fastener with minimal reaction felt by the operator. The mechanism inside an impact wrench is simple but extremely effective- it contains one or two hammers that spin freely around a shaft and momentarily engage to deliver almost all of their momentum and energy into sudden bursts of torque, just like striking a nail with a regular hammer does. Impact wrenches are available for many applications in a range of drive sizes and speeds. At Zampini Industrial Group we supply impact wrenches from the best brands in the marketplace including Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll Rand, Cleco, Dino Paoli, Sioux, and ATP. The engineering and materials of our impact wrench lines are the most advanced and effective available, including carbon, titanium and composite components to reduce weight and increase durability. We carry impacts of all sizes including 1/4" and 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and larger impact wrenches to suit any application. Torque controlled impact wrenches are also available to add precision where applications require it.

Drills- Handheld, Automatic Feed, and Fixtured

Industrial Pneumatic Drills for Production

  Automatic feed drills are perfect for applications in which repeated precision hole drilling is required. Available in both pneumatic and electric drive configurations up to 1.5 HP; feed drills are simple but robust drilling machines capable of drilling to an exact depth with only a single start signal. All that is needed is to supply air or electricity, place them in the mounting brackets, and give them a start signal. Handheld air powered drills offer portability and power to applications where automatic feed drills cannot be used. Hand drills are available in straight case configurations for small diameter and production line drilling, pistol grip configurations for general industrial drilling, and angle head configurations including right angle, 30 degree, 45 degree, and 90x90 degree variations for restricted access drilling. They can be supplied with RPMs up to 20,000 and up to 1 HP motors making them capable of drilling up to 1/2" holes in steel. Key and keyless chucks, collet chucks, and screw shank outputs are also available options.

Pneumatic Air Motors

Pneumatic Air Motors by Ingersoll Rand, Desoutter, Cleco, and ATP

  Pneumatic air motors are designed to provide high torque in a compact package. They offer an attractive alternative to electrical motors where size or environment variables may preclude the electric motor and are used in a range of applications that require rotary motion and power. Air motors are generally 1/3 or less the size and weight of an electric motor that provides the same power output. In addition they carry the added advantage in applications where stalling the motor is required without overheating the motor, such as tightening a fastener. There is also no risk of overheating with rapid start / stop and reverse operations and they can be used in high moisture, dust, and high heat environments. In addition, the available ATEX rated motors are certified against explosion and ideally suited for hazardous environments.

DC Electric Tools and Controllers

DC Electric Tools and Controllers at AirToolPro.com

  DC Electric fastening tools are the premier choice of industries across the globe. This technology is used in Aerospace, Automotive, Offroad, Energy, Agriculture, and many other segments where "quality critical" and "safety critical" are the standard. They are used in aircraft assembly operations where "good enough" will never be acceptable, and they are also used to achieve the spot on precision required by the demanding safety requirements of the automotive assembly industry. Transducerized DC electric tools provide precision and traceability that leads to unprecedented performance, productivity, and accountability so that your assembly applications meet your requirements consistently. We offer a variety of Desoutter and Ingersoll Rand DC electric nutrunners, pulse tools, controllers, and accessories so that you can realize these benefits in your assembly applications today. In addition, we provide repair services for Desoutter DC nutrunners and controllers, Georges Renault DC nutrunners and controllers, Ingersoll Rand DC nutrunners and controllers, and Techmotive DC nutrunners and controllers.

Ergonomic Tool Stands, Tool Balancers, and Handling Devices

Ergonomic Tool Stands and Tool Balancers

  Tool stands, spring balancers, and zero-gravity balancers are designed to reduce fatigue to operators and help prevent injury. They are made to withstand harsh industrial production environments and feature simple but robust and reliable designs. Tool stands come in numerous sizes and capacities, and can greatly reduce torque reaction to the operator while maintaining ample flexibility around the work area. Spring balancers are designed to retract a tool above the work area when it is not in use, and zero gravity balancers are designed to counter the weight of a wide range of tools and provide a sense of weightlessness where the tool can be positioned and let go at any point in the travel of the balancer.

Torque Measurement and Calibration

  Competition is driving product quality requirements to new levels. Air and electric fastening tools are all rated to deliver torque within a specified range from the factory, but over time other factors can affect the tool's ability to maintain this accuracy level. Internal parts wearing down, repeated drops and jolts by the tool's operator, or a contaminated air supply are some of the things that can affect the performance of a tool. In order to be sure that your tools are continually performing to thier specification torque testing, verification, and calibration should be routinely performed at scheduled intervals. Our torque testers, analyzers, transducers, and joint kits are all designed to help you achieve the consistency and quality that is necessary to keep your precision tools working as expected.

Sanders, Grinders, Chippers, Scalers

Sanders, Grinders, Chippers, and Scalers

  Advancements in manufacturing and production continue to drive the evolution of industrial finishing. While traditional, heavy-duty removal continues in many segments, increases in production and reductions in waste are changing overall demands. New materials may require different tool speeds and attachments; and parts and components must match surrounding surfaces with greater accuracy and uniformity. Our lines of sanders, grinders, and needle scalers are all designed to provide the power, accuracy, and reliability required to meet these increasing demands while providing your operators with best-in-class ergonomics so that they can work longer with less fatigue.

Compression Rivet Squeezers

Pneumatic Compression Rivet Squeezers

  Compression rivet squeezers are used to squeeze a wide variety of rivet types, materials, and sizes in a uniform manner every time the trigger is pulled regardless of operator skill. They are commonly used in aerospace, airplane construction, truck, bus, boat, toy, and automotive applications. A hydraulic action creates a powerful, controlled squeeze that designed to provide accurate and reliable results. These tools excel at rivet squeezing, punching, dimpling, and pressing and will help to increase production where costly two man operations have been traditionally used. Our selection is available in single and tandem cylinder variations with either "C-Yoke" or "Alligator" style jaws.

Air Hammers, Air Saws, Engraving Pens

Air Hammers, Air Saws, and Engraving Pens

  Our hammering and cutting tool offerings include reciprocating saws, cut-off tools, air hammers, air shears, and power nibblers that give you the power, versatility, and reliability required to get the job done. We want the tool to do the work, not the operator. From proven classic heavy duty designs that provide performance with little fuss to advanced vibration reduced tools that perform the job with superior comfort levels, our selection has you covered with tools that with cut and hammer day in and day out so that you can worry about your products, not your tools.

Brands We Offer

Desoutter, Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll Rand, ATP, Hubbell Gleason, Delta Regis, Sioux, Cleco, Dotco and more!

  • Desoutter Industrial
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • ATP
  • Hubbell Gleason
  • Delta Regis
  • Sioux Tools
  • Apex
  • Ozat
  • ARO 
  • Cleco
  • Dotco
  • Master Power
  • ETA
  • FlexArm 

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