TR250S12 by Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand

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Expert Transducers, available in stationary and rotary styles, are designed for use with the Expert EXTA Torque Analyzer or other analyzers for bidirectional measurement of precisely applied torque and angle on an actual threaded joint or on a joint simulator. Industry Standard Transducers can be used with other manufacturers' equipment that conforms to the Industry standard.Smart Transducers include a feature that allows them to self identify themselves to an Expert EXTA Torque Analyzer for easy set-up.Smart Torque + Angle Transducers include an encoder to measure angle.

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Model TR250S12
Torque Range (ft.-lb.) 9.2 - 185
Torque Range (Nm) 12.5 - 250
Type Industry Standard
Style Rotary
Drive 3/4" Square

A Genuine Ingersoll Rand product.
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