Automatic Feed Drills and Tappers

Automatic Feed Drills and Tappers

Buy Auto Feed Drills and Tappers with free expert assistance today.

Pneumatic Air and Electric Models by Desoutter and Ingersoll Rand

Zampini Industrial Group has been providing Auto Feed Drill and Tap solutions to companies for over 25 years. Auto feed drills, sometimes called self feed drills, fixtured drills, or auto drills provide an economical alternative to CNC drilling or an alternative to the conventional drill press, and excel in production drilling applications where precision, reliability, and flexibility are necessary. Auto Feed Drills are commonly used in custom drilling stations for single holes or for drilling multiple holes at one same time, either by using the multi-heads or by positioning several drills around a part to complete all holes ate one time, and where rapid and continuous drilling is required for high production on automated machines.

We offer a comprehensive range of feed drills, tappers, parts, and accessories from two of the most respected manufacturers in the industry- Desoutter Tools and Ingersoll Rand. Auto Feed drills are available in pneumatic (AFD) or electric powered (AFDE) spindles in horsepowers from .3HP to 1.5HP and RPM from 330 to 27,000 RPM with stroke lengths from .25” to 4” for standard drills and up to 8” for custom designed drills.

All AFD’s and AFDE drills can be controlled by manual or remote start controls such as a PLC , foot pedal or pneumatic air signal. The drilling feed rate is usually controlled with a device called the HCU or hydraulic feed control which allows rapid advance and controlled feed rate as the drill bit enters the surface of the product. Accessories for the auto feed drills include chucks, collet adapters, clamps for tool positioning, tapping heads, and screwdriver output spindles. The simple yet robust design of automatic self feed fixtured drills makes them the premier choice in manufacturing facilities worldwide. If you are unsure of the specific model drill to order, call us at 1-800-353-4676 and we will provide expert selection assistance free of charge.


Looking To Repair Your Feed Drill? We Have Service Manuals!

Desoutter AFD Auto Feed Drill Service Manuals and Parts Listings



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