NEW 3/4" STUBBY Impact from CP Puts Out 1,050 ft.lbs. at only 6.6 lbs!

Awesome new "Stubby" style 3/4" impact wrench from CP Chicago Pneumatic adds another groundbreaking tool to the CP Stubby impact family.

- SUPER COMPACT: Only 6.2" Long!

- POWERFUL: 1,050 ftlbs. of torque in reverse!

- LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 6.6 lbs!

- Full Teasing Trigger

- Ultra Durable Twin Hammer Mechanism

Chicago Pneumatic recently introduced a ¾-inch stubby impact wrench for working in confined spaces.

The company said it developed the CP7762 impact wrench based on customer feedback.

“Asking customers to share their experiences and suggest ways in which we might improve our products is an integral part of our research and development program,” said Yann Pasco of Chicago Pneumatic.

“Acting on the feedback received about poorly sized and under-powered tools for heavy-vehicle applications, we reviewed the models currently available on the market and found that they were not true ¾-inch compact impact wrenches at all, but rather ½-inch models with a ¾-inch anvil or regular size ¾-inch with joints. Clearly there was demand for a better, more bespoke solution, so we set about designing a true, ¾-inch stubby impact wrench from first principles – and the CP7762 is the result.”

Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7762 ¾-inch stubby impact wrench measures 6.2 inches in length and weighs 6.6 pounds. The CP7762 is equipped with a rugged steel motor that delivers 1,050 foot-pounds in reverse.

Featuring twin hammer action and an aluminum housing, the CP7762 is capable of delivering optimum performance in the toughest operating environment, according to the company.

The tool features an ergonomic P-handle with full teasing trigger. The controls are designed and positioned for ease of use and include a one-hand forward and reverse speed-regulator button and a side-to-side forward and reverse system.

The CP7762 Stubby 3/4" Impact gets in spots where other 3/4" impacts just don't fit, giving you more power available to loosen tough bolts in more places!

Even if you don't NEED a shorter 3/4" impact, if you're in the market for a 3/4 anyway this is STILL a very attractive, lightweight option!

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Jul 11th 2017

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